Thursday, October 30, 2008

the fabulous prizes

so, got three boxes of prizes from fed ex this week. above is a photo of some of the haul:

in the back, there are viva paper towels. i got 30 coupons, each for a free roll. also in back is the uncle ben's pack with 12 boxes/bags of rice.

in front of the paper towels, there is a bamboo pizza peel, a slate piastra (a cooking stone you use on the grill), a couple of silicone spatulas and a wooden spoon, an apron, the 4-quart enamel-coated cast iron pot, and a couple of towels.

in front of all that, there is the panini pan, with a bronze grill spatula, a pizza pan/griddle, magnetic nesting measuring spoons, bronze tongs, a pizza cutting wheel, a set of measuring/prep bowls and a 2-cup individual pot.

not pictured are two pairs of crocs, for which i got coupons to redeem online, and two autographed cookbooks.

also not pictured is the trip to texas to meet mario and rachael and hang out at the nascar race. the tailgate party is still the highlight for me, but apparently i will be riding in a pace car, too.

more details on the trip to come.

you might notice that i have added a twitter feed to the blog. that is how i will update you all from the track this weekend. i will also post blogs and photos each night, but i will try to get immediate updates posted through the twitter. you can add me if you twitter (i feel so, i don't know ... 27), or just check back here for updates. i will send in updates whenever something interesting happens, which i hope/suspect will be often. don't be surprised if you see the tailgate menu and the reo speedwagon setlist on there before its all over.

i will probably not be monitoring replies from the track, but i will see them when i get back to the hotel. so don't be offended if i don't @ back at you immediately.

on twitter, i am jwscoop. its a long story.


Philip said...

Have a blast on the trip, it is a chance of a lifetime - congrats again!

Ronnie said...

what? you get to ride in the pace car? i need to learn how to cook! congrats jim, you truly deserve every good thing that comes your way!

Anonymous said...

Ha - I'm 27 and I don't Twitter. I do, however, find the terminology - Twitter, Tweet, etc. - hilarious.

Glad you've had a blast!