Sunday, August 3, 2008

pig-wrapped, pig-stuffed pig

the title should get your attention. i made this up for a contest. i don't know if it will help me, but i am now soliciting views for the video i made as part of the entry. so, if you have three minutes, take a look, and feel free to view it with the sound turned off.

i may come back and ask you to look again at some point. i'm not really sure, but there may be a voting round at some point. but for now, if you're interested, just help me build up my number of views.

if you are vegetarian, feel free to avert your gaze.

anyway, to see the video, click here.

thanks for your consideration.


Tamfish said...


The world might be a better place if we switched everything with pork, don't ya think?


Go Festival Guy!!!!

Philip said...

I must say I am a bit dismayed. After watching this video 15 times to build up your views, it suddenly occured to me that you could have put the panshetta around the fennel sausage and then wrapped in the tenderloin and still have created "pig-wrapped, pig-stuffed pig" - What truly sets your creation apart from mine? Nothing - Not to mention that I would have topped off my creation with a final wrap of thick-cut bacon and resulted in a "pig-wrapped, pig-stuffed, pig-wrapped again pig" - grin :)