Thursday, June 2, 2022

positivity journal 2022:5

a lot of the stuff here is not really positivity, per se, but it was at least something that modestly amused me. and this month really sucked so hard on so many levels that modestly amusing can seem pretty big in the moment

but there were a few pretty great things. read on, should you choose 

may 1: threw out all my socks with holes; still have a lot of socks
may 2: got emails from two people who are apparently my second cousins, who didn’t know who i was but were pleasantly surprised to read a washington post story that talked about their great grandfather, gigi, who was also mine
may 3: the guy at covid testing complimented my technique
may 4: my war against the non-word okay was restarted through no fault of my own. i will probably lose again, but i made the case better this time, i think. itll be OK
may 5: independent reports of people having pierogi for dinner

may 6: wore three shades of purple 
may 7: my kalimotxo proportions were perfect. if only i had been paying attention 
may 8: blanch dressing
may 9: pulitzers!
may 10: successfully managed to not overexplain something, thereby not releasing unnecessary information. this is a personal turning point 

may 11: unexpected good news that im not prepared to share. but it's pretty cool and i feel like this list is a lie if i don’t at least vaguely allude to it
may 12: last month i talked about how great a tv character beth dutton is and i’m sticking by that but i forgot what a close second ruth langmore is
may 13: sometimes my watch tells me i reached my standing goal while i’m sitting so i’m pretty sure i can believe everything it tells me 
may 14: billy joel 30: random woman next to me at restaurant before show: “you’re going to billy joel, right?”
may 15: i ordered crispy duck and waiter asked me if i wanted duck sauce with it. the utter obviousness was so profound

may 16: working from home after being away for weekend, didnt know what i was going to have for lunch. then i found leftover stuffed cabbages hiding in fridge
may 17: after no live book release events in over 2 years, went to 2 in one night. and they were great. congrats robert, tolu and kwame!
may 18: coffee, conversation, collaborating
may 19: white rice, hold the lawn clippings
may 20: supposed to hit 90, so decided to wear shorts to work. since i recently saw someone in the office wearing a white linen sports jacket, i determined there are clearly no rules

may 21: strawberries at farmers market means strawberry-nutella crepes!
may 22: leftover strawberries means more strawberry-nutella crepes!
may 23: it freaks the literalist in me out a little when someone says someone is beautiful inside and out. how do they know? anyway, made me laugh today. close enough
may 24: watched season finale of three shows in one night and sometimes that passes as an accomplishment 
may 25: “not bad for someone your age” and also that is your body rejecting exercise. neither of these things are things the trainer said, but that i heard nonetheless

may 26: so many sauce options at new fried chicken lunch joint
may 27: i didn’t really pay much attention to music from the time i graduated college until i got an ipod — so, like, the 90s — but if i had properly digested personal jesus back then, it probably would have been my actual religion 
may 28: at farmers market, i confused my egg farmer by buying steak from her
may 29: this is the first season top chef has been interesting in yeeeeeeeeeeaaaars
may 30: remains to be seen how my new intermittent fasting app and my new ice cream maker will co-exist but i think we have to give it a shot

may 31: lisa cherkasky said i should use tom sietsemas watergate cake from the photo shoot in this spot and that seems right

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