Sunday, April 3, 2022

positivity journal 2022:3

the hilarious thing is this file got deleted as i tried to cut and paste and there was a good 5 minutes where i thought this list was all over. then i frantically hit cmd-z about a hundred times and it popped back up.

anyway, lots about pierogi, a redux on lasagna and gratuitous: 

mar 1: shaved off pandemic beard 2. the good news is i look 10 years younger. the bad news is that
s still pretty old
mar 2: i scrolled through “raunchy comedies” list on netflix, but i’d seen them all already 
mar 3: woke up sick, but the good part is i spent all day on the couch with najah napping on me
mar 4: vince rinehart appreciation day
mar 5: why would they make defcon-1 worse than defcon-5?

mar 6: made lots of pierogi
mar 7: love watching food i made get the stylist treatment, then photographed for print (see above; 📸: scott suchman; styling: lisa cherkasky)
mar 9: big dog at intersection makes a VERY unconvincing lunge at approaching dog, does not even strain leash, backs up and sits at his person’s feet, looks up, and she gives him a treat. i assume dog’s name was oscar

mar 11: office salad
mar 12: played downeaster alexa on vinyl and i had hoped it would drive the alexa nuts, but it didnt seem to care
mar 13: found a trove of najah’s favorite food, which has been hard to get since the pandemic started and i suspect discontinued. bought about 100 cans
mar 14: the optimist newsletter is my favorite at work, so imagine my reaction when it linked my pierogi story

mar 16: i love catching mistakes, particularly my own
mar 17: accidentally watched the st patricks day episode of after party on st patricks day
mar 18: peanut butter pie from becky, then jeremy broke out a bottle of port that was 12 years old when we bought it on vacation 12 years ago
mar 19: made more lasagna
mar 20: delivered more lasagna

mar 21: “success, like happiness, cannot be pursued. it must ensue”
mar 22: detoured to the cherry blossoms on the way to work
mar 23: was really proud of the mushroom bechamel i made for aforementioned lasagne, then while eating leftovers i realized i basically made cream of mushroom soup. which also explains why i loved it
mar 24: found out filter for stove vent was $125 to replace. so obviously i tore apart the old one and rebuilt it with about $10 worth of stuff. possibly better
mar 25: “run and tell all of the angels, this could take all night.” i’m glad i got to see foo fighters with taylor hawkins

mar 26: mixing up beets and horseradish, temporarily went blind
mar 27: attached to couch pretty much all day
mar 28: bob woodward walking around the office is a good sign something is up
mar 29: saw the term inactive wear and can officially put a label to my personal fashion style
mar 30: ive started a database of restaurants i can recommend for various tastes and occasions so i can do it faster when asked

mar 31: listened to a reporter on the phone talking to someone about Space X. except i kept hearing her say space sex, specifically that she didnt know much about it. i am 12 and now i want to read an entirely different story

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