Friday, May 4, 2012

espresso torrone with drunken cherries

I'm absolutely sure there is someplace that you can buy dried Michigan cherries. Probably even nearby. But what's the fun in that? I was up in Northern Michigan a couple years ago, and Pam Radabaugh sent me home with a big bag of dried cherries. They were awesome, but by the time I got to doing this recipe, they were long gone. So when Lawrence Hollyfield was going back up, I asked him to bring me back some. He did, and then when I heard the Radabaughs were coming to town, I decided that was when we'd roll this dessert out.

The cherries get soaked in Vermouth, so there was really no way they were going to be bad.

The torrone was interesting. It's a frozen, nougatty candy thing, flavored with coffee. It was good, too, but I couldn't wrap my head around the texture. It wasn't ice cream, it wasn't marshmallow, it wasn't nougat as I think of nougat (which, admittedly, is to say a Three Musketeers bar). It was something altogether different. Which is good. I just couldn't figure out how to categorize it in my head.

Meanwhile, I ate more cherries. Now I'm out again.

Up next: grilled guinea hen with sweet corn fregula

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