Tuesday, June 21, 2011

smoked sable

"Have you ever been to Russ and Daughters on the Lower East Side?!?!?!?!" Mario asked me on a Sunday morning last fall when I was in Texas working at an event he was hosting. I realize that that sentence has a lot of punctuation, but Mario talks with a lot of punctuation. It's awesome.

That was before I started this project. So when I went through the book looking for potential challenges, and I saw a dish calling for smoked sable, I knew I had a problem. We don't have stores around here that specialize in high-end smoked fish. Then I remembered Russ and Daughters, and since I was planning a trip to New York, I decided I would get it then, bring it home and make the dish.

Then I looked at the recipe and decided that once I got the fish, it was going to be easy, so why not just make it while I'm in New York? The video below documents how that went:

(If problems viewing or to get better definition, click here to go to vimeo.)

Then I went to Babbo

Up next: New York City.

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This is pretty cool, glad I stumbled upon this blog!