Friday, April 29, 2011

strawberries and peaches with balsamic zabaglione

There really wasn't anything hard about this. Other than cutting into a peach that was worth cutting into. I bought more peaches than I would have imagined I needed to feed the eight people at the table, but every time we opened one up, it looked nasty, all brown and totally unpeachy. We finally cut one that looked good, and made it work for the whole table. And it isn't impossible that the very best looking slice of peach ended up with the featured role in the photo above. Luckily, this was at the height of Plant City strawberry season, and they were pristine.

Also lucky: The vin santo syrup that is part of this recipe. It would have made anything taste better. And the balsamic zabaglione was really good.

So, basically, everything but the peaches. If I had waited for good peaches, the strawberries wouldn't have been good anymore. Maybe I'll make the vin santo syrup again when the peaches are in season.

Up next: bonus cookies.

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