Sunday, July 19, 2009

alinea, the preview

i don't know when i will have enough time, or recovered acuity, to do the full post on alinea, but suffice to say: wow. it may have been the perfect dining experience. and i have been uneasy about using such description of places in the past. not that i expect that that gives me any extra cred, but just as a point of reference.

anyway, it was like 25 courses and i have photos of all of them. some of the photos are better than others, but they get the point across. i am going to try to write at the airport or on the plane, while it is still fresh in my mind.

there is other stuff i will probably blog about from this trip, and while i usually try to post in chronological order, i'm making an exception this time because, well, i can.

above is a photo of "hot potato, cold potato," course 11. which was almost halfway through. almost meaning, not quite halfway.


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