Thursday, November 27, 2008

top chef 5, episode 3

nice quickfire with grant achatz there. his whole thing is taking a dish and making something else out of it. weird that he is on this season instead of last season in chicago. we are planning to go to chicago in the summer to check out his restaurant, alinea, which is widely considered the best in the country right now. very intriguing. his battle with tongue cancer is amazing. truly inspiring.

poor ariane. poor, poor ariane

was so nice to learn that carla's favorite ingredient is love. so many cooks like to cook with love. i have never seen it in a store. puh. leeze.

does jamie have a t-shirt other than the 666 one? and the rainbow one, i guess.

"most powerfulest?" seriously? did he just say that?

somehow, i think the foo fighters are going to be easier to impress than bourdain was for thanksgiving a couple of years ago.

so, i'm writing this while watching, and i am suggesting that every time a team has ALL the best cooks, they almost never win. so we'll see.

HA! suuuuuuuure. give ariana the turkey. wow. nice decision. she'll probably rock it.

oh good lord. team sexy pants?

ok, the cougars is pretty funny.

i guess butterball is a sponsor.

every time they show jeff's restaurant name, i think it says club dildo. i think that is not what it says, but i have no idea where he actually works.

jesus dude, you're going to see tom EVERY episode. shut up.

yay araine! they like the turkey!

"white chicken turkey gravy"? what is that?

oh, good. manscape has party underwear.

ok, there goes my theory about the dream teams.

i like jeff. i know people don't. but i just do. not looking good for him, tho.

props for ariane! big smile. nice.

oh no! another blow to team rainbow! sheesh. what a baby. i wish they could have sent manscape home, too, tho.

i didn't even see radikha this week. i guess because there was no indian food. i'm still convinced i don't even know who all the contestants are yet. oh well.


Melanie said...

Love the live blogging.

I finally had it up to here with Team Rainbow. (And I'm over Team Europe, too. How about a moratorium on false senses of solidarity inspired by the thinnest of connections?) Also didn't appreciate Richard's attempt to stereotype everybody in the contest at the beginning of the episode. The show's editors do that fine on their own, thankyouverymuch. As a contestant with the opportunity to spend real-world time with these chefs, he could make the effort to develop a more nuanced assessment than "She's the flirty one."

Didn't Richard make the PB&J dessert that got shot down in Episode 2? The Rate the Plate pics for that episode don't have names on them for some reason. Anyway, just saying that maybe dessert isn't his thing.

Happy to see him go.

As for Ariane: At the beginning of the episode, I said, "Wouldn't it be nice if this is the one where she shows everyone up?" I immediately followed that with, "And I will continue saying that about every episode until she's kicked off." It was nice to see her actually pull off a win, though.

Speaking of: No winner? Shouldn't there be a winner? What about Radhika's vegan stuffing? That went over well. Fabio's pumpkin tiramisu? They can't ALL be winners, dammit.

jim webster said...

was the stuffing hers? i can't even remember seeing her on the episode.

and maybe its me that's stereotyping here, but why did the captain of team rainbow care about leah's "rack?" i'm just happy not more ridiculous lust for colicchio. i don't miss him already. though i wish they would occasionally reinstitute the eliminate-2 policy, so they could've gotten rid of manscape, too.

Laura said...

Haaaaaa - great posts guys, I feel the need to rewatch the show after reading them.

I have random comments this week:
- Mr. Long watched w/me last night (he doesn't usually). He was amused by how upfront the product placements are. (Toaster ovens in this episode; although I couldn't tell you what brand, so I guess it didn't work that well).
- I love/hate Jeff. I admire his organizational and leadership skills. I hate his kiss ass/arrogant attitude. What was that reply at judges' table that I just rolled my eyes at? AND didn't they preview him last week losing his temper at judges' table? Did we not see that?
- Yay, Arian! You're not gonna win, but we were all happy your turkey came out well. (Sidenote: I'm sick of the term "cougar" in pop. culture).
- WHERE were the 16 vegans the Foo Fighters' rider said the chefs had to cook for? I'm not vegan, but I think I only saw 2 or 3 things a vegan could have eaten. Did 16 people go hungry? What the heck?
- Did anyone get the idea that the judges weren't really agreeing with the Foos' opinions and were kinda like "REALLY? YOU LIKED THAT?"
- Stop picking on Crazy Carla. I like her. I'll be looking for some love at the Publix this week to prove you wrong.

jim webster said...

i remember the thing with jeff in the previews, and i think it was a bait-n-switch. i think in the preview, they showed him looking modestly exasperated, and dramatically cut to tom saying, "jeff, you look pissed off." the way it was edited, it looked like a big deal, but it was fairly nothing.

i knew as soon as grant said that he'd want jeff on his team, jeff was as safe as anyone sitting in the stew room.

i was also surprised that not only did they not name an indy winner, but they didn't even talk to the winning team. pretty weird.

jim webster said...

just hit me, i wonder if the reason they didn't talk to the other team was because ariane was the winner? they didn't specifically say that, but they were most complimentary to her for the turkey. a theory.