Saturday, September 20, 2008

pig voting

hey, to anyone here because i met you in ybor this morning, thanks! and if you came here because you had a problem voting, i didn't mention to everyone, but there are problems with the site on firefox. i mentioned to a bunch of people, but know it didn't come up with everyone. explorer and safari don't have a problem with it, so if you have access to another browser, please try again.

i have been assured by the contest people that there is nothing wrong with the site. in fact, if you can click to ignore the warning on firefox, but that gets really annoying.


Unknown said...

Got your card today in the top Chef line, I was the liquid-nitrogen bacon Ice cream guy.

Good luck Jim!

jim webster said...

i remember you. did you get any of richard's sweet tea liquid nitrogen ice cream? it was awesome.

hope you didn't have any problems voting. tell all your friends. i can use the votes!